Our Suppliers

Chef’s Palate is not the latest diet or culinary craze rather a carefully considered range of recipes that provide a nourishing, balanced meal without compromising on taste, nutrition or sustainability. Now you can get your evenings back for as many nights as you want for as long as you want. It’s that simple.

Our Sustainability

Chef’s Palate has a holistic mindset on our products, business practices and impact on the planet. Our team has selected packaging and logistics that reduce our impact whilst ensuring a wide range of delicious recipes and food groups.

Pro Bros are based in Sydney Markets, it enables us to carry a comprehensive selection of fruit and vegetables from the basic to the exotic including seasonal, organic and hard-to-find items.

Pro Bros Providore is not just a produce wholesaler; our vast experience enables us to provide our clients with product recommendations, pricing incentives, produce seasonality, just-in-time delivery and the ease and conve- nience of online, fax or phone ordering.

“Argyle Pastoral” is a family farming business est 1938. “Argyle Pastoral” farming operations are locat- ed in the fertile South West Slopes of NSW, near the town of Harden. Argyle operates three wholly owned and integrated businesses. The business is run by Lachlan and Bryce Graham with the support of an experienced management team. Argyle Pastoral op- erates a large scale mixed farming enterprise on the fertile South West Slopes of New South Wales, with a historic Angus stud and commercial breeding and fattening herd. The cattle run on the Argyle Pastoral property are from one of the oldest genetic lines of Angus in Australia.

As a fourth generation family butchery, Wood ’s Butchery knows all about quality meats and what it takes to make the grade. After all, Australians vote with their wallets and their feet when it comes to f ine food, so only the best survive in this industry.

Wood ’s Butchery grew from a passion 80 years ago to supply quality Australian game, meat and poultry to Sydney families, chefs and catering establishments.

Driven by a team with over 30 years experience each in foodservice distribution, Fishboy Seafoods is a progressive seafood business specialising in fresh, frozen and value added seafood.

With a core focus on Australian and sustainable seafood, Fishboy aims to provide the critical link from the ocean to the plate, whilst still appreciating the long term needs of food industry.

Our inclusion into Countrywide (Australia’s largest independent buying group) has further expand our range to be a true broad line food service provider with enhanced supplier relationships to ensure we maintain a strong supply chain and competitive edge throughout the year.

Oakville Honey Co. is a well-established family business that produces and distributes premium quality and tasting honey. With five acres and 60 hives in Oakville, we are Sydney based company that are becoming greatly immersed in supplying products for our family, friends and now business partners. They deliver honey straight from the hive to the jar and to you, the way nature intended.

Once their hives are full of glorious honey we remove the frames, pierce the honeycomb and put them in a spinning machine which uses gravity to extract the honey with no heating or added preservatives. This honey is then strained and poured into our jars.