Eat Well and Eat Smart, with Chef’s Palate
July 14, 2017
Emma Cheg.

It’s no secret that we love food at TLSE, so much so that we have an entire Edit dedicated to it! We love in particular, fresh wholesome food; for when we eat well, there’s truly no stopping us and what we can achieve.  And so it is, that when stories fall on our desks such as this, we can’t help but share them.

Today we introduce you to the founder of Chef’s Palate, Executive Chef Alex James, a man who is wholeheartedly passionate about fresh, wholesome food

While being a foodie is hot social currency right now (Instagram, anyone), not everyone can claim the history, commitment, love and years of dedication that Alex can, having spent a lifetime learning about food, cooking and the immeasurable role they play in our lives.

Through Chef’s Palate, Alex dreams of making fresh, nourishing and delicious food available to time-poor Australians. Taking the hard work and planning out of creating healthy and enjoyable menus;

Alex has developed a unique way to deliver semi-prepared meals that enable anyone to create restaurant quality meals at home in under 20 minutes.  

As easy as 1, 2, 3.  

Alex was born into a family of chefs; some would describe his love with food as genetic. His grandfather Robert ‘Bob’ Fenn is widely regarded as Australia’s first celebrity chef, and Alex credits his grandfather for giving him his culinary flair, as well as providing him with a foundation in classic French food – in fact Alex was only 10 years old when he made his first full-size croquembouche from scratch!  Masterchef much?

While the influence of his grandfather and father are not to be underestimated, it is perhaps Alex’s grandmother who instilled his innate love and appreciation of food. Alex lived in Greece for the first 15 years of his life. He would spend every summer with his grandmother, who, for her whole 105 years, lived off the land making everything from tea, wine, olive oil and flour. While this style of eating has now been popularised by terms such as ‘clean eating’, ‘organic’ and ‘farm to table,’ for Alex and his grandmother it was simply food the way they knew it. 

Sitting down to a homemade, often hand-foraged feast every day, Alex knew nothing other than freshly prepared, seasonal, nourishing and naturally tasty food. Undoubtedly, it was this early exposure to paddock to plate eating that has shaped Alex’s food philosophy to this day.

Alex has applied his food philosophy to Chef’s Palate – he believes food needs to be satisfying, enjoyable, balanced and sustaining.

No fad diets, just beautiful, honest food served with passion and creativity.

Chef’s Palate creates delicious, nutritionally balanced meals so you don’t waste time and energy trying to decide what to have for dinner every night.  They know that not everyone has the skills of a professional chef, so we take care of the difficult parts so all you have to do is some foolproof chopping, stirring or roasting. With no lock-in contracts and no commitment, you can use Chef’s Palate as much or as little as you need. They source great deals on fresh, high quality produce and pass the savings directly on to you so you save money on your weekly food budget.

In a country where more and more people are time poor, overwhelmed by choice and often turning to emotional eating, Alex understands that we need good food in our lives more than ever.

Working 7 days a week and personally overseeing every single Chef’s Palate meal, food is more than just Alex’s career, it is his life.