Meal kits are revolutionising the way people cook and eat at home, but many of them are still not quite hitting the mark. Chef’s Palate asked people what they didn’t like about their current meal kit and set out to provide a service that ticks all the boxes.

Here are some of the most common complaints we sought to address.

Too Much Preparation

The most common complaint of meal kit users is that their meals simply take too much time and effort to prepare.  Many people comment that they spend more time cooking their meal kit than they would if they planned and cooked a meal themselves.

The Chef’s Palate Difference: All meals can be made in 20 minutes or under. Chef Alex semi-prepares each meal, doing all the boring, time-consuming stuff (like peeling, slicing vegetables or marinating meats) before your meal kit reaches you.

Not Enough Selection

Another common gripe of regular meal kits users is that the same meal is often repeated again and again. We totally get it – a vegetable risotto can be nice, but that doesn’t mean you want to eat one every two weeks.

The Chef’s Palate Difference: Our Chef’s Special options are never repeated twice within a six-month period, so you never get bored.

Boring Meals

Lack of variety aside, many of the meals included in meal kits are simply bland and dull. There’s not much excitement when you are cooking the kind of basic, unimaginative food you could easily make yourself.

The Chef’s Palate Difference: Chef Alex designs meals that he would be proud to serve his own family, drawing on experience as a professional chef in some of the world’s leading restaurants. Since the meals are semi-prepared, you get to enjoy chef-prepared elements in your meals that elevate them beyond your average home cooked meals.

Vegetarian Options

Lots of meal kit providers don’t offer a vegetarian option, and the ones who do seem to cut corners, serving vegetarians the same meals as omnivores but with the meat removed. The end result is a heck of a lot of vegetable pasta.

The Chef’s Palate Difference: Our vegetarian dishes are so packed full of flavour that they could convert even the most ardent meat lover.